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Our track record isn't just for show - we're in the business of delivering results, not promises. We're here to build long-term partnerships that drive your brand's growth and set the stage for a prosperous exit. Dive into our growth studies below- the proof is in the pudding.

From $150K - $2 MILLION Per Month

Nick & Jenna own and operate Walli Cases out of Utah. Currently we are on month 16 of our partnership together, and are on track to surpass over $ 2.5million/month in revenue in 2023. Here's what we did. ‍

Highest Revenue Month
Sales Growth YoY
Blended ROAS

$0 - $850,000+ In Sales (937% Growth YoY)

Tommy & Will own and operate a luxury blanket brand based out of California. Within the first year of our partnership, we managed to help increase sales by nearly 800% by utilizing our Growth Partner package.

Highest Revenue Month
Sales Growth YoY
Blended ROAS

Scaling To First $100K/Month (122% Growth In 90 Days)

Ellie owns and operates a cosmetic brand based out of Los Angeles California. ‍Over a 90-day period, we implemented an omni-channel strategy improving sales by 122%, a 96% increase in conversion rate, and a 63% increase in AOV.

Highest Revenue Month
Sales Growth In 90 Days
Blended ROAS

Growing To $150K+/Month (30% Growth In 90 Days)

We've been partnered with Tiffany (who owns and operates a jewelry brand based out of Boston Massachusetts) for 2+ years to significantly increase sales, conversion rate, Here's how we still improve sales.

Highest Revenue Month
Growth In 90 Days
Blended ROAS

Scaling From $22K - $91K/Month (309% Growth YoY)

Andrew owns a golf apparel brand based out of Toronto Canada. Prior to working with us the brand was 100% grown using organic marketing. After seeing our agency results via an Instagram reel, Andrew reached out with the intention of scaling his brand via paid ads. Here's how we helped them scale.

Highest Revenue Month
Blended ROAS
Sales Growth YoY

Don’t Listen to us Listen to Them

See what our clients think of our products and services, and how they've helped them achieve their goals

"Nu Reach transformed our business in just a few months of working with them. They have a recipe down and execute it. Looking forward to growing more with them in the future!! Would recommend for sure." - Tommy & Will Higham
Lola Blankets Case Study
"Amazing service. Each service has someone focused on that specific task to deliver ultimate results. Great ROI and absolutely worth it." - Ellie Dep
Queen Cosmetics
"Nu Reach has been a critical part of our internal growth. They have been hands-on with all of our marketing campaigns and are always focused on driving growth while maintaining our target costs. We are very grateful for their partnership and influence with Walli Cases." - Jackson Emery
Walli Case Study
After working with Nu Reach Media we produced over 7 figures in sales in a record-breaking time. So quickly I had to help out with fulfillment while we hired more team. It was definitely crazy but nonetheless, a great problem to have!" - Jessica Hart
Spoiled Lips Case Study
"We've been with Nu Reach for 6 months now and we have nothing but good things to say about them. Knowledgeable, trusting, great communication, and you can tell they actually care about our business. Most importantly our FB/IG ads our KILLING it and they have really helped me scale. We are on our way to the moon." - Andrew Mcclelland
Full Wedge Case Study
"Fantastic to work with. We've been working with the Nu Reach team for years now and they've always been professional, prompt and most of all providing results. They've worked with us to meet and exceed our goals. Highly recommend." - T. Jazelle
T.J Case Study

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