Join Our Team

Looking for an exciting opportunity to grow your career in digital marketing? Join our dynamic team and help us make a difference for businesses of all sizes.

Email Builder/Designer Application

This role combines the art of design with the science of marketing to create engaging and effective email campaigns & flows for our e-commerce clients.

Email/SMS Account Strategist Application

The Email/SMS Account Strategist at Nu Reach Media is a critical role focused on leveraging Klaviyo's and other ESP and TSP marketing capabilities to drive success for our clients.

Graphic Designer Application

As a Graphic Designer specializing in marketing and advertising, you will be instrumental in creating dynamic visual content designed to convert potential customers into sales for the brands we represent.

Paid Ads Copywriter

You will be a copywriter exclusively for paid traffic ads for DTC brands. You will be writing ad copy on Facebook, IG, Google, TikTok.

Creative Director

The Creative Director for Paid Advertising will lead creative efforts across our Meta and TikTok advertising. You will need skills in creative direction, paid advertising, and performance analysis. This role involves overseeing the creation and optimization of ad creative for platforms like Meta and TikTok, with a strong emphasis on content creation, editing, and performance evaluation to drive conversions for DTC brands.

Client Success Manager

As a Partner Success Manager, you are responsible for the post-sale relationship management at Nu Reach Media. It is your job to ensure that our partners are successful with our products and services.

Content Editor

As a content editor, you are responsible for editing and generating VIEW captivating content for our e-commerce partners at Nu Reach Media & our personal content. (Youtube Videos, IG reels, thumbnails, etc)

Performance Media Buyer

As a Performance Media Buyer & Strategist, you are responsible for the media buying for our e-commerce partners at on various channels. (Meta, Google, TikTok)