Scaling From $22K - $91K/Month (309% Growth YoY)

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Behind The Scenes Of A Growth Study

Andrew owns a golf apparel brand based out of Toronto Canada. Prior to working with us the brand was 100% grown using organic marketing. Posting on social media with a great product and growing by word-of-mouth.

After seeing our agency results via an Instagram reel, Andrew reached out with the intention of scaling his brand via paid ads.

Not only did we help with conversion rate optimization. We ended up scaling his daily ad spend on Facebook to over $500/day AND ramping up their email/SMS marketing to equate to nearly 25% of monthly revenue.

All of this happened after starting with the brand in March 2022, we have scaled the brand to over $90,000/month.

"We've been with Nu Reach for 6 months now and we have nothing but good things to say about them. Knowledgeable, trusting, great communication, and you can tell they actually care about our business. Most importantly our FB/IG ads our KILLING it and they have really helped me scale. We are on our way to the moon." - Andrew Mcclelland

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