Scaling To $165K/Month (83% + growth MoM)

Highest Revenue
Blended ROAS
Sales Growth MoM

Behind The Scenes Of A Growth Study

Jessica owns and operates a cosmetic brand based out of Florida. We have been partnered together for over 2+ years o help them scale their brand. Especially top of funnel.

Initially, the brand was generating a monthly revenue of $40,000, within two years, they are still experiencing impressive growth month over month.

Just recently we helped them with an impressive 83% increase in sales, reaching a total of $165,000.

We achieved this growth by leveraging the power of Facebook ads, Google ads, and email marketing.O

ur ad campaigns on Facebook and Google reached a broader audience, while our data-driven email marketing strategies nurtured existing customers and encouraged repeat purchases.By addressing every facet of the brand's marketing, we were able to create a comprehensive growth plan that delivered tangible results.

After working with Nu Reach Media we produced over 7 figures in sales in a record-breaking time. So quickly I had to help out with fulfillment while we hired more team. It was definitely crazy but nonetheless, a great problem to have!" - Jessica Hart

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