Growing To $150K+/Month (30% Growth In 90 Days)

Highest Revenue Month
Growth In 90 Days
Blended ROAS

Behind The Scenes Of A Growth Study

We partnered Tiffany to significantly increase sales, conversion rate, and improve the mobile shopping experience.

And we have been working together for 2+ years. And we are still seeing this type of growth year over year as we never stop looking for ways to help improve their brand as a Growth Partner.

We achieved a total revenue of $442,000 in revenue over the 90-day period in this growth study, representing a 30% increase from the previous 90 days.

We also improved the conversion rate to 5.67%, a 41% increase over the same time period.

We employed an omni-channel marketing approach, focusing on Facebook, Google. Additionally, we conducted conversion rate optimization tests to enhance the mobile shopping experience.

"Fantastic to work with. We've been working with the Nu Reach team for years now and they've always been professional, prompt and most of all providing results. They've worked with us to meet and exceed our goals. Highly recommend." - T. Jazelle

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