The Brand

At a time when my husband was working on a startup of his own, we were living on savings and hardly had any extra to spend! I had a friend who had just lost her job of 15 years and was heartbroken. I wanted to show her I was thinking about her beyond just telling her, so I turned to Pinterest! A trip to the dollar store (hauling my two little kids) and a bag full of all things yellow later, I put together a fun "sunshine" box and left it on her doorstep.

What I didn't realize was how much joy it would bring me! Knowing this simple thing made such a difference to someone I care about meant the world to me. So much so that I found myself doing this for friends and family for various reasons - from something happy, like a birthday, to devastating, like a cancer diagnosis.

I also realized it didn't really matter what I gave. What we all want is to feel remembered. To feel loved. To feel connected to someone. They felt awesome! And so did I.

I want everyone to experience this! The JOY that comes to both people, in an easy, affordable way WITHOUT the hassle, time, and forgetfulness that keeps most of us from actually doing anything!​ So what are you waiting for? Send a smile today! ​Happily made and distributed from North Salt Lake, UT.

The Challenge

Though an already successful brand. Brightbox had only been managing marketing in house and had yet to see exponential growth. Without the right strategy and daily time. This eventually fell behind and wasn't where it needed to be.
“Our concentration was elsewhere. I was already wearing a million and 1 hats in the business and our advertising/ overall marketing just fell to the back burner. Not only is doing this yourself a nightmare, we literally just didn't have the expertise." - Shea (CEO)
By bringing on Nu Reach Media, this allowed us to start working ON the business and not IN the business.

They became a small extension of our team (like an outsourced CMO)

They completely took over focus on Customer Acquisition and remarketing through all of our marketing channels. Creating compelling creative that promoted our core products — with especially strong success in key sale moments!
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The Results

In under 6 months, we delivered an amazing over 5x MER return on total Ad Spend across multiple platforms using our Nu-Omni-Reach Method to help scale Brightbox to the next level where growth required an entire new wearhouse

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