$0 - $850,000+ In Sales (937% Growth YoY)

Highest Revenue Month
Sales Growth YoY
Blended ROAS

Behind The Scenes Of A Growth Study

Tommy & Will own and operate a luxury blanket brand based out of California/Utah.

Coming from a referral, these brothers had high expectations for our team. And needless to say, we delivered.

With an over $200 AOV, we best utilized Google & Meta ads for our customer acquisition. And pairing this with email marketing to catch our high abandoned cart rate worked out PERFECTLY.

Currently on month 14 of our partnership together, we are consistently generating over $100,000 a month for this brand in 2023.

"Nu Reach transformed our business in just a few months of working with them. They have a recipe down and execute it. Looking forward to growing more with them in the future!! Would recommend for sure." - Tommy & Will Higham

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